Build Better Stories

A platform for storytellers.

Built by storytellers.

Create interactive timelines, maps, galleries, slideshows, games, and more. Then share your stories on websites, kiosks, and beyond.

Collect and manage your digital assets

Start by building a library of reusable digital assets: images, audio, video. There’s no need to upload multiple crops of the same image. The system automatically generates the proper file size and format when you publish.

Story-Based Workflow

Our platform is based around stories, not pages. We’re integrating many of the most common story types, including maps, timelines, and slideshows.


Stories can be customized for a range of contexts, allowing colors, fonts and other elements to match the styles of your website or the location in which your stories are deployed.

Built By Award-Winning Storytellers

The team behind Storycrafter has been producing interactive stories for over 25 years. We’re now building a different kind of platform, one that’s designed for creating engaging digital experiences.

Other Features


Storycrafter tracks user metrics, so you can measure the impact of your projects. For example you can find out which experiences were most popular, or which days had the highest usage.


We built Storycrafter so that your stories can evolve, even as technologies and user expectations change. Projects built today are not locked into today’s technology.


We can customize the platform to meet your needs, whether you are an independent storyteller, or a large, distributed team.

Ready to use Storycrafter for your project?

We offer a range of options to meet your needs, from turn-key solutions to backend-only integrations.

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