Story Types

Create a project with just one type, or combine multiple stories together to build larger experiences.


Slideshows offer an extremely flexible format for multimedia stories. They are well-suited for linear stories that combine text, photos, audio, and video.

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Spirit of America


Maps reveal geographic relationships between parts of a story, and offer multiple types of user experiences, from self-directed exploration to guided tours.

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Eyewitness to History:
An Interactive Map of the Kennedy Motorcade


Galleries let visitors explore curated collections of photographs, videos, and other media. Galleries can also present more complex content, such as product information, 360° rotations, and more.

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American Electric Power:
Explore Our Patents


Timelines are essential tools for telling chronological stories. Visitors can explore events along the timeline and select events to learn more.


Quizzes are effective ways for visitors to engage with a topic, either to test understanding or simply to provide an enjoyable challenge.

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