American Electric Power

Over a century of history comes to life through engaging interactive experiences in the lobby of AEP’s Columbus, Ohio headquarters. The entire digital experience—seven touchscreen kiosks, a 26-screen interactive wall, and a related website—is managed through Storycrafter.

The centerpiece of the lobby is a 26-screen interactive wall brimming with dynamic content, including facility profiles and regional maps.

Almost two dozen digital stories—slideshows, quizzes, timelines, galleries, and games—are shared across six touchscreen stations throughout the lobby. With Storycrafter AEP can make changes to existing stories, and also create new ones. Content updates are downloaded to each kiosk, meaning they don’t need an always-on network connection.

AEP uses Storycrafter in other areas of their headquarters, too. For example, many of their conference rooms are surrounded with large-scale patent drawings. When visitors scan QR codes next to patents, they are taken to the AEP Patents website where they can learn more about each patent. This website uses the Storycrafter gallery template.

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© 2017-2024 Storycrafter. All rights reserved.Privacy