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Henry Schively Bowie knife with reindeer antler handle

This knife was made by famed knife maker Henry Schively. The unique handle was made from a reindeer antler found at a site connected with a lost 1845 British Naval expedition in the Arctic.

Mexican Officers Helmet


Cavalry helmet styled for a Mexican officer serving with the Regimiento Permanente de Dolores featuring embossed eagle on the brass front plate. The main body of the helmet is made of leather, and uppermost portion is made of horsehair.

Sam Houston snuff box

The snuff box was made in 1833 from a timber of “Old Ironsides,” the frigate U.S.S. Constitution. The original owner was the famed artist Col. Ralph E. W. Earl. In 1836, the snuff box was presented by Col. Earl to General Sam Houston. The top of the box has a decorative wreath and metal inscriptions reading “OLD IRONSIDES. 1833.” The inscription inside reads “From R. E. W. Earl, to his friend, Genl. Samuel Houston. The Conqueror of SANTA ANNA. And the founder of TEXIAN LIBERY AND INDEPENDENCE. Washington City, 10 June, 1836.”

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